Martin named Delaware County sheriff

May 16, 2012


Staff Writer

Although most will be in school, any minors who want to attend the Little Brown Jug on Thursday will get a cut-rate-deal this year.

Compared to the $20 general admission price tag, anyone under 18 can get into the Delaware County Fair on Thursday for just $5.

Fair board member Al Myers said the price was marked down this year in response to complaints that students can’t afford the higher price that everyone else pays.

“Anything that’s good for the community is good for the Jug,” Myers said.

At least 5,300 students may have nothing else to do on Thursday. That’s how many children attend Delaware City Schools, which cancels classes Thursday and Friday.

Although he wouldn’t exactly say city schools cancels just so students can attend the horse races, Delaware City Schools Assistant Superintendent Doug Behnke said the cancellation is a long-standing tradition.

“I think part of it is so we don’t have visitors, buses and cars all competing for the same space,” Behnke said.

“Delaware is pretty busy even during a non-fair week. We’ve just found that it’s a whole lot better to steer away from that, and it’s worked out well.”

No other Delaware County school districts cancel schools for Jug Day, although students can be excused from school for 4-H events through the week of the fair if they apply in advance, said Mark Tingley, director of Buckeye Valley Administrative Services. BV cancels classes for Monday and Tuesday, when the majority of 4-H events are held, because of how many students are involved with the Junior Fair, he said.