Barkeloo wraps truck for Stage II Hauling; owner Knece also has Wizard Wrap race car

By LENNY C. LEPOLA News Assistant Managing Editor

January 8, 2014

Most Big Walnut area folks are familiar with Alvin Barkeloo’s work. He’s the head wizard at Wizard Decal LLC, a.k.a. Wizard Wraps. Examples of his work can be seen driving around the Big Walnut area; and there were several wrapped cars on display at this past summer’s Sunbury Sizzle & Sounds.

But Barkeloo’s portfolio is not limited to automobiles. He produces and installs even larger vehicle wraps – like a semi tractor that was in his shop during late October getting a patriotic wrap.

Barkeloo was doing the wrap for Kevin Knece of Ashley. Knece owns Stage II Hauling and also drag races Open Outlaw Class under the Knece Racing umbrella.

Knece owns four tractors, as in tractor-trailers. He said he would have five by the end of 2013. The newly wrapped job, a completely rebuilt 1998 Kenworth that Knece leased from Kaplan Trucking, is his first truck wrap.

“I have friends who lost a child in Iraq; that’s why I decided to go with the Fallen Heroes theme,” Knece said. “The patriotic theme shows my respect for our service men and women and veterans. Without them we would not be able to live the life we live in the country we love. I definitely plan on having another one wrapped, plus have Alvin wrap a 45-foot trailer to match this.”

The newly wrapped tractor will give Barkeloo some exposure outside of his hometown of Sunbury — Knece hauls steel out of Ohio to Mississippi and Texas.

“This is a working truck, not a show truck,” Knece said. “Alvin is a very talented artist. He wrapped my AA/Fuel Altered race car. When we’re on the road and at races people are always asking about who put the skin on my machine.”

Technically, that truck skin is a Barkeloo design printed on 3M’s 180Cv3 Vehicle Wrap Vinyl covered with 8518 Laminate.

Barkeloo creates his designs on a computer and then prints the designs on the adhesive vinyl with a 54-inch professional grade graphics printer, adds the protective laminate, and then begins the installation process.

Barkeloo said his business is sort of an accident, or at least the result of one. Years ago he was severely injured in an accident, needed money to pay medical bills, and went on the road installing wraps. He discovered that he had a talent for the art, hung out the Wizard Decal LLC shingle, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Barkeloo has an extensive portfolio; just a few examples are shown on his website at < >, along with a company history.

“Kevin’s truck is not my first big job, but this was a project I was proud to do because of this cool patriotic design,” Barkeloo said. “When it was finished and the trim put back on the truck, it made me feel good.”

Wizard Decal LLC is located at 12309 East Ohio 37 just east of Sunbury, and on the World Wide Web at < >.

Alvin Barkeloo may be reached at < >, or by calling 740-404-0805.