BWMS’ Victoria Buxton tapped Big Walnut Board of Education Student-Citizen of Month at Big Walnut BW Middle School

By Gary Henery

February 26, 2014

Victoria Buxton, an eighth grade student at Big Walnut Middle School was recognized as the BW Board of Education Student Citizen of the Monday for February at the Thursday, February 13 Board meeting.

Victoria is the daughter of Josh and Angela Buxton. Her sister is a sophomore at Big Walnut High School and her brother is a student at General Rosecrans Elementary School. Victoria is a member of the BWMS cheerleading squad.

Victoria enjoys singing and is a part of Joy, a singing group at Sunbury United Methodist Church. In addition to singing, some of her favorite activities include dancing, swimming, visiting tropical places, the Sunbury United Methodist teens, instagram and hanging with friends at movies, the mall and just talking.

In the classroom her favorite subject is Language Arts because she enjoys reading and writing. Her favorite type of books are Romance, and she enjoyed the works of author Deb Colletta.

Victoria’s future plans include nursing with a goal of studying at The Ohio State University.

“Victoria was very humble and gracious during our interview prior to the Board meeting,” BWMS Principal Penny Sturtevant said. “It was hard to get her to brag about herself. I see Victoria as a very caring person, one who would aspire to a helping field such as nursing. BWMS is very lucky to have Victoria as our representative.”

Corry Schull, BWMS counselor, said Victoria is a poster child for Big Walnut schools.

“Teachers dream of classrooms full of Victorias. Students see Victoria as kind, friendly and helpful,” Schull said. “She is in a unique position to be liked by everyone … she could be the posted child for what we would like for all Big Walnut students to aspire to. She does her work well, takes ownership of her learning, cares for others and is involved in activities outside of school.

“She is well-rounded, well thought of, and well on her way to becoming a successful, contributing member of whatever community she chooses to settle in,” Schull said, adding, “What ever college gets her will be lucky, whatever career she pursues will be lucky … I feel lucky to have been a small part of her education!”

Carrie Knight, a Spanish teacher at BWMS, said it was a pleasure to have Tori in her classroom for two years.

“I have had the pleasure to teach Tori for two years. She stood out in the beginning as a perfectionist and hard worker, but these characteristics can only take a student so far,” Knight said. “Tori has more than that. She has a serious acceptance of responsibility and dependability. I don’t recall her ever missing an assignment.

“She has a cooperative classroom attitude and an enthusiasm for education that exceeds her peers. She raises her hand for for almost every problem. She has a personal motivation which leads to a high academic performance,” Knight continued. “Her assessment scores are always in the top few, and to top it off she is a leader inside and outside the classroom. Tori has the best of all the great qualities we see in students here at Big Walnut.”

Savannah Brown, a sixth grade Mathematics teacher and cheerleading coach at BWMS, said Victoria is a hardworking, dedicated and committed individual.

“She shows commitment to her school work and her extra-curricular activities, always giving 110 percent,” Brown said. “Victoria always strives to do her best in anything she sets her mind to … she is an achiever! I am so proud of everything that Tori has accomplished this year and I can’t wait to watch her grow throughout the rest of her time here at Big Walnut.”