Former Apollo student threatened to shoot up school

By Greg Sowinski

May 9, 2014

LIMA — The case against a 19-year-old former Apollo Career Center student accused of threatening to shoot up the school was sent to the grand jury Friday.

Johnathan M. Ervin, of 1104 Sherman Ave., Lima, is being held on the charge of menacing by stalking, a fourth-degree felony. The charge is unrelated to the threat against the school but enough to hold him until the grand jury can consider the case.

Ervin appeared at a preliminary hearing Friday at Lima Municipal Court. Testimony revealed Ervin posted threats on a website,, about shooting up Apollo. Officials with the website reported the threat to police.

Police quickly moved to interview Ervin to determine the level of threat.

“One statement indicated he was going to get his savings out, buy guns and ammo and shoot up a school,” said Shawnee Township Police Det. Jack Miller. “The second one said he wanted to get a gun and shoot up… Apollo.”

Miller testified during the hearing, when Magistrate Richard Warren ruled there was enough evidence to send the case to the grand jury. The actual case which Ervin was in court Friday involved an allegation he was stalking a 16-year-old girl and making threats against her, officials said.

Miller arrested Ervin at Apollo on April 30 after questioning him at the school. Ervin initially told Miller he did not have guns in the home where he lived, but later he said his brothers had shotguns.

Miller also said Ervin was having mental health issues and considered suicide.

“He said he wanted to bash his head in. He said in the past when he got upset, he used a phone and bricks to hit himself in the head,” Miller said.

Ervin had no previous criminal record but was known to school officials. An administrator at Apollo described Ervin as “a hot head,” Miller said.

“When asked if he was capable of such things, (the administrator) said of all the students, he would be the one capable of doing something,” Miller said.

Warren ordered Ervin held on a $300,000 bond.